My Why.

The reason I started coaching is because in 2016 I dropped the ball. Up until that point, I was the classy career girl. I didn’t really color outside the lines because conforming was easy.  When I began to find my true self, I experienced a spiritual awakening that shook my reality at its core. My worldview shifted, and I couldn’t unsee it. I was trying to make sense of it all and maintain my mask, but I was in a city that I hated, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t work, and I couldn’t really be around people. The trauma that I had navigated so easily for years finally caught up with me.  My therapist says what I was experiencing is called Burn Out and is very common with Millennials.


I’m not one to lay down, so I knew I had no choice but to surrender and start over. I moved back home, a place I have always loved, and began putting the pieces back together.


My healing journey took years. I now realize that healing is filled with many ups and downs. It isn’t just working out and reading. You can smoke it away, you can’t drink it away, and you can’t F it away either.  Your marriage won’t save you, nor will your friends, or your job. It involves digging up your issues at the root and having the courage to face them all while intentionally creating a new you. Choosing yourself, your habits, your hobbies, and most importantly the people you surround yourself with day in and day out.


Mental Health wasn’t as prominent as it is now in 2016, my friends and family wanted to help but they just weren’t equipped and because I wasn’t working, I didn’t have access to a therapist.  I had to figure it out on my own.  When I was going through these changes, I would have loved to have a coach who understood. But I now understand God was preparing me to be for others what I needed and provided for myself.


I wouldn’t be so skilled and effective at coaching had I not had to face my demons alone.  I love that social media has made healing popular, but I fear that many will become discouraged along their journey when they realize that healing is not a quick fix, especially as a black person in America.


I’m on the other side now, but I am still and will always be healing. I’m grateful to have had the support I needed to press pause and really get myself together. I’m thankful that I was willing to go within, and for all of the many resources that helped me along the way.


I would love to work with you if you think you need a coach. But I also want to encourage you to go at it alone if that’s what you need to do. And I can confidently say, no matter what you have gone through or how you feel today, healing is possible.